Why Gator’s Flex Shaft Drain Cleaning Cables Are the Best For Clogged Drains!

Flexible-shaft technology has become the central part of drain cleaning. Flex shaft drain cleaning cables use a wire coil that rapidly rotates, resembling a speedometer cable. There are no spinning drums because the flexible shaft is safely enclosed inside a sheath.

Gator manufactures military-tough flex shaft drain cleaning cables right here in the USA that outperforms conventional drain cleaners in speed and toughness. Chain cutters efficiently grind blockages and clean pipe walls, sparing you all the guesswork and giving pin-point accuracy by using your camera system.

Here are the following reasons why Gator Drain Tools’ flex shaft drain cleaning cables are the best solution for opening all kinds of clogged drains.

1. Flexibility 

The ability of flex shaft drain cleaning cables to bend while rotating makes them so valuable. While imparting a spinning motion akin to a concrete shaft, the flex shaft drain cleaning cable can be run over, beneath, and around barriers that would make using a solid stick difficult.

By using Gator’s Flex shaft drain cleaning in Abilene TX can prove to be an influential force in the restricted, twisted spaces frequently seen in drain cleaning because of their flexibility and tensile strength.

2. Intuitive Design

Gator’s Flex shaft drain cleaning cables are smaller, lighter, and just as durable as those used during drain cleaning, and they are also more flexible. They are best for operators of drain cleaning machines to move to the job site due to their lightweight and small size. 

Compared to conventional power rodding machines, Gator’s flex drain cleaning cables’ life cycle is 1.5 to 3 times longer due to their high fatigue design.

3. Require No Water

Since flex shaft drains cleaning cables don’t require water to clear drains, a camera can be inserted into the gutter right behind the rotating ends of the thread. It enables drain cleaners to identify what is obstructing the line precisely and, if necessary, modify their cleaning procedure. 

The cleaning cables are safer and pose less risk of dealing with high-pressure fluid and possible drain ruptures because it doesn’t require high-pressure water.

4. Easy to Use 

Gator’s Flex Shaft drain cleaning cables are premium wrapped metal cables that efficiently convey rotational strength and motion. Flex shaft cables are pretty effective at cleaning drains.

Compared to conventional rooter cables, flex shaft drain cleaning cables spin inside the housing keeps them cleaner and safer. You can also utilize an inspection camera that stays in the line while using them to increase accuracy.

Being a drain cleaning professional, you must have tons of experience in working on drains and plumbing systems in residential, commercial, and industrial environments. In many of these situations, delivering a comprehensive, thorough and fast solution can just prove to be your ticket to locking in a high-profile regular maintenance contract or scoring a high-value referral. This is why Gator Drain Tools military-tough tools are made right here in the USA to help you deliver a comprehensive solution with a super-fast turnaround time to help you cram more jobs in a given day and get more bucks in your pocket.

The best part is that with Gator Drain Tools’ equipment, such as the fantastic flex shaft drain cleaning cables, you won’t have to worry about equipment breaking down, costing you time and money in repairs, claims and replacement tools. To learn how Gator Drain Tools can help you deliver a satisfying drain cleaning experience every single time, check out our line of equipment!