Pipe Lining Equipment


Wet Out Equipment

Simply the most versatile and mobile way to wet out liners.

Gator portable wet out stations can be easily calibrated to any felt and come in various configurations.

  • Manual Wet Out Roller
  • Automated Wet Out Roller
  • Hand Roller
  • Wet Out Table

Hot Water Cure System

Cure liners in only 1 hour with a 30-min blowdown.

The Gator Hot Water System is self-contained and ideal for horizontal pipes with long runs. Includes detailed Data Accumulation and Tracking technology. Through our unique calculations of total gallons, GPM, and temperature, you can guarantee a solid installation that you can put your company name on.

Mobile Epoxy Weigh Station

The perfect pour every time.

Gator Mobile Weigh Stations are perfect for Trenchless Companies who want to ensure they get the perfect pour every time.

Our Mobile Weigh Stations are built for weighing and pouring pipe lining epoxy and resins.

Steamer Units

Forced control cure is the only way to go!

Two versatile sizes available:

  • Mini Steam Unit
  • Large Steam Unit

Here’s why you need a Gator Steam Unit:

  • The best way to cure connection liners
  • Ideal for both horizontal and vertical pipes
  • Self-contained water unit
  • Cure liners in under an hour

No delicate electronics here, just standard equipment.


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