Adding these trenchless products to Gator Drain Tools’ existing American made equipment line allows for further support of American businesses.

ABILENE, TEXAS, August 1, 2023 —  Gator Drain Tools, a leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative drain and sewer tools, is thrilled to announce a distributor agreement with HammerHead Trenchless, a renowned manufacturer of cutting-edge lateral pipe bursting and lead pipe replacement equipment. This strategic collaboration will enable Gator Drain Tools to offer customers a wide range of advanced solutions for efficient and reliable pipe replacement projects.

As a distributor for HammerHead, Gator Drain Tools will have access to an extensive lineup of industry-leading equipment designed specifically for lateral pipe bursting and lead pipe replacement. The cutting-edge technology from HammerHead, combined with Gator Drain Tools’ commitment to providing high-quality American Made tools and exceptional customer service, will empower plumbing contractors, municipal utilities, and trenchless rehabilitation specialists to achieve optimal results in their pipe renewal projects.

Gator Drain Tools’ state-of-the-art equipment portfolio will now include:

● Lateral Pipe Bursting Systems: Trenchless lateral pipe bursting systems are designed to replace aging or damaged pipelines without the need for extensive excavation. These innovative tools enable efficient pipe bursting, allowing for the insertion of new pipes while simultaneously fragmenting the old ones.

● Lead Pipe Replacement Equipment: With increasing concerns about lead contamination in water systems, this system provides specialized equipment for safe and efficient lead pipe replacement. These tools are designed to remove and replace lead pipes, assisting with the delivery of clean and healthy water to homes and communities.

● Hydraulic Power Units: Hydraulic power units deliver the necessary power and reliability to support pipe bursting and replacement equipment. These robust units are engineered for optimal performance and are an essential component of any successful pipe replacement operation.

Gator Drain Tools’ distribution agreement with HammerHead further solidifies its commitment to offering industry-leading solutions to customers. By providing access to HammerHead’s cutting-edge technology, Gator Drain Tools aims to equip its customers with the tools they need to enhance their productivity, reduce costs, and deliver exceptional results.

“We are excited to partner with HammerHead, a trusted and respected name in the trenchless industry. This collaboration allows us to expand our product offering and provide our customers with the most advanced equipment available for lateral pipe bursting and lead pipe replacement,” said Cameron Manners, CEO of Gator Drain Tools. “Adding these trenchless products to our existing American made equipment line allows us to further support American businesses.”

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About Gator Drain Tools:

Gator Drain Tools is a leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative drain and sewer tools, committed to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service. With a wide range of industry-leading tools and equipment, Gator Drain Tools is dedicated to meeting the needs of plumbing contractors, municipal utilities, and trenchless rehabilitation specialists.

About HammerHead:

HammerHead® Trenchless, a division of The Toro Company, manufactures and delivers a unique combination of rehabilitation, replacement and installation equipment and consumables for the underground construction market. Besides being a full solutions provider in rehabilitation and replacement, HammerHead also offers unmatched field support and project consultation to its customers worldwide. HammerHead products are proudly made in the U.S.A. and sold and serviced in more than 60 countries. For more information visit; 800.331.6653.