Drain cleaning now mainly uses drain cleaning cutter heads. The cutter drain cleaning tool uses a fast-rotating wire coil resembling a speedometer. Moreover, drain cleaning cutter heads operate more quickly and thoroughly than traditional drain cleaners. 

The flexible shaft revolves more than ten times more quickly than drum machines, and the chain cutters effectively clean the pipe walls and grind up obstructions. You may also use your camera system to give it pinpoint accuracy.

Following are the explanations for why drain cleaning cutter heads are the ideal option for your clogged drains.


Drain-cleaning cutter heads are handy because of their capacity to bend while rotating. The cutter drain cleaning tool transmits a rotating motion comparable to a solid shaft while passing over, beneath, and around objects that would make using a solid post difficult.

The cleaning cutter is a potent force in the confined, twisting spaces encountered in drain cleaning because of its flexibility and tensile strength.

Easy to Use

Flexible metal cables with premium wrapping, known as drain cleaning cutter heads, effectively transmit rotational force and motion. Drain cleaning cutters are a very efficient drain cleaning tool.

In addition, drain cleaning cutter equipment rotates inside a self-contained casing, keeping them cleaner and safer to use than traditional rooter cables. To boost accuracy, you can also use a line-following inspection camera.

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Plumbing systems and drains need to be cleaned in domestic, commercial, and industrial settings. Every few years, chemicals are sent through the pipes to clean the gutters in many of these cases. In other places and businesses, drain cleaning is a critical task.

Keeping your drainage system clear of clogs and other problems is crucial. But now that Gator Drain Tools has developed excellent drain-cleaning cutter heads, you won’t have to worry about blocked drains any longer. These cables will thoroughly clear your drains. Contact us today for a free quote!